Katsuya Sano

Katsuya Sano started as a DJ in the late 1980’s when Disco was the main sound. He was so into the NEW YORK sounds and that is how he started his career. He was playing at THE BANK, PICASO, CAVE, and MANIAC LOVE which were famous in Japanese night scene. He was also playing at Yellow and all the clubs in TOKYO. Anyone who likes house music definitely know him for sure. He is also famous for his crazy vinyl collection and has an extensive knowledge about DISCO, SOUL, JAZZ, FUSION, ROCK, and RARE GROOVE music and is an adviser for record shops in tokyo as well. Later on, when Tokyo’s club scene declined he moved to trance music and rave parties and he had his first appearance at PANORAMA BAR in Berlin as part of an IBADAN RECORDS label night where he performed a 4 hour set. Katsuya continually updates his sounds and is still keen on new sounds as professional DJ. On his second visit to Berlin, he realized the power of vinyl and says that vinyl has really sound real. When he DJs he plays mainly deep house. Since Katsuya has over twenty years of experience he not only plays deep music he plays seriously real deep music. He knows too much music so intertwines House classics and Disco with his new sound. He is a real boss and real underground DJ in Japan and never forgets his ambition for music and that is what we believe for this DJ.

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