Jon (BBE Sound System) Jonathan was born in Berlin and moved to London in the early 90’s. His love for music was influenced from his by his father, who exposed him to Afrobeat, Jazz, Soul, Funk from an early age. Jon started spinning professionally in London and was at home in the vibrant Hip Hop scene of the 90’s. From strictly playing Hip Hop, his style changed incorporating all genres of funky music. During his eclectic sets you will hear Funk, Disco, Latin, Brazilian, Afro Beat, House, Jazz, Broken Beat or sometimes even Dub Step or U:K Garage. A vinyl-junkie and Digger, Jonathan still loves to spin the black wax and getting his fingers dirty in dusty crates!!!! After living in London for 15 years he returned to his native Berlin in 2009. Jon joined BBE Records as a free-lanced content provider and A&R when he met fellow Ghanian, Peter Adarkwah in Berlin. Since then he has provided tracks to the Strange Games and Things 5 compilation, with Pete and DJ Spinna. He brought acclaimed South African artist Spoek Mathambo, as well as New Zealand Nu-Soul outfit Electric Wire Hustle to BBE, eclectic Rocker Elyas Khan and co-managed and directed the recently acclaimed compilation ” … from the Archive” by Italian tastemaker Volcov, one of Europe’s top DJ’s on the underground club scene. He has documented Philadelphia legends like Weldon McDougal, Joe Tarsia, and Earl Young for the now classic BBE Compilation Dimitri of Paris “Get Down with Philly Sound”. In Berlin Jonathan and Pete started BBE Soundsystem playing their funky, classic mix of Disco, House and Soul. Jon has a monthly residency with his friend DJ Stimulus and Köln playing strictly Hip Hop and is working currently with Jamie 3:26 from Chicago.