Janne Tavi

For Helsinki-born, Rome-based  DJ  and producer Janne  Tavi,  the  moment  is  now.  A bright  light  in  the  future  of  electronic  music, he  is  poised  to  take  off  as  the  next musical visionary under the auspices of New York-based Ibadan Records.

Tavi’s musical journey began with his appetite for all things techno. What started as a fascination over  time evolved  into  a  stunning  acumen  for  the  turntables  and  a  broad range  of electronica. As  his  involvement  in  electronic  music  deepened,  he was eventually scouted  by Jerome Sydenham, who took  him  under  his  wing and  gave him access to the scene. As part of his undergraduate studies, Tavi made a break for Berlin where  he  spent the  last  few years paying  his  dues,  working  under  the mentorship of   Jerome   Sydenham and Kerri Chandler, soaking   in   musical knowledge, and  completing two  business  degrees while  manning  the  back  office  at Ibadan Records.

His understanding  of  music has always  been immediate  and  innate,  but  it  was  many years  before  he  discovered  that  this  also  had  a  name: synesthesia,  whose obscure logic has  always  been his  default  guiding  principle  in understanding  sound. Tavi  is determined to become fully immersed in all areas of the music industry – in the studio, at the decks and behind the scenes. Quickly taking notice of his talents beyond music, the  label  wasted  no  time in appointing him director  of  A&R  and  Marketing for Ibadan  Records and  its imprints. Wanting  to  deepen  his  understanding  of  the recording  industry  from  the  academic  angle,  Tavi  decided  to  pursue  his  masters  in Economics  in  Rome. With  his debut  house  production  featuring the  legendary Chicago  house  vocalist, Robert Owens and  appearances at Berghain/Panorama  Bar and Fabric, Tavi’s future bristles with opportunity.

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